Hey all, I got a Fostex MR8 for cheap and I have a question...

I have been reading the manual and I figured out the whole how to start recording, but after I get a couple tracks down I dont know what to do... DO I upload them to my computer? DO I use audacity/reaper or something similar?

Also I would like to try a drum program to put in... How Do I get that in there??

I would like it to be MP3 when finished... I just have no clue how to get it there.

Thanks Guys & Gals!!!
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But really, I have no idea, the only thing i can really help you with is to convert to mp3 when your done, that can be done with Switch. its freeware, just search it, its a full program, not one of those ones that does like one minute of a song (what a ****ing joke) sorry man
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Get a USB cable and connect it from the Fostex to your computer, and the manual should tell you how to mix the song down. Or if you have a computer with a compact falsh slot, you can just take the card out of the fostex and put it into your computer and it uploads right into windows media player. I do this, and take each individual track, bring it into audacity sync it up, mix it, master it in Goldwave (free mastering software), then mix it into an .mp3 file.
if you're into downloading or torrenting, look up Cool Edit Pro (with the crack)...it's Adobe Audition before it was bought out. it's pretty sweet, and simple too. just take some time to look around and such.

as far as drums, fruity loops is good from what i hear. i'm not much into recording with drums, but if i do, i use guitar pro (to get it, see above, or buy it). the drum quality is not very good, but i don't really do too much with it.

hope this helped. take care
I believe you connect to your laptop or desktop and transfer the audio for editing and mastering but I have never used that product yet so I cant say for sure what the USB is for...

Real the rest of the manual...that should help.
i got the mr8 too... its pretty easy actually...

after you're done recording the trax on the 8track you have to bump them to the 5/6 or 7/8 slots (i take it that you have the tracks recorded on the 1,2,3,4 slots, bumping them to the next tracks records the reverb effect in the 8track). once you bump them over then connect the 8track to your pc or mac using a usb and transfer over the files using the program downloaded from the Fostex website...

you can either import the files straight to your hard drive, or you can burn it directly from 8-track to CD trough the comp.

once the files are imported to your comp you have to use audacity (best freeware imo) to convert to mp3s
oh and btw if you import the song to your comp without bumping the tracks down, you're gonna import the sh*ttiest toned and most displeasing music ever... you need the 8-track reverb to make the song sound legit