hey guys i need help playing the intro to welcome home by Coheed and Cambria. is it ok if i just alternate pick it instead of sweeping cause im having trouble sweeping this. if i cna only sweep it than please tell me how to. thanks
It will only sound right if you sweep pick it. I'm not very good at this technique, but it's an easy sweep. Basically you're going down in one motion, lifting your finger lightly off the string you strike to mute it before hitting the next string...hopefully that made sense.
i sweep it. just rake the pick over it. and lift ur finger off of the previously picked string so that it doesnt like chord or w/e. ive been workin on it aswell and ive got it just about down.
The sweep itself is 3 notes. It should be called a "rake" because sweeps are a little more complicated. I don't know what advice to give you other then take it slow and just keep practicing the little "sweep" parts. Don't even think of it as a sweep. Just up pick on that one little section. It doesn't matter that much though, its palm muted so you can't really tell.