Okay so a year ago i was given this orange burst les paul kinda guitar, and the person said to keep it because they were not really ever gonna play it and i was taking lessons recently then (im getting quite good) and that the guitar would get better use out of me then him, and at the time i was playing this cheap 180 dollar crappy walmart guitar to start off with so i was willing to take anything and well i didnt figure the guitar was really any better than my own crappy one and so i took it under the notion that kool now i have a slightly better guitar, and well at the time i figured the only good guitars out there were gibson fender and ibanez. And Just now maybe like ten minutes ago i was looking for wut kinda guitar it was and it had this logo on the thingie with the knobs, (lol i kno im a newb) and it said ernie ball, and so i decided to research. Turns out john petrucci plays ernieball guitars, and that they are quite expensive compared to my crappy walmart guitar.

Im thinking i should either sell it, and get the xplorer ive been wanting, or, just keep and build upon my collection. Its a discontinued color, but its got a few dents, i think its pretty old lol, but i still might be able to get a pretty penny out of it.
good kluck with that
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Try putting this in the electric forums. Also, please post a photo.
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Ya, a photo please. And is he talking about the tuners having an Ernie Ball marking on them, or the headstock?
i didn't read your post but when i saw the title i was thinking of ernie's (from sesame street) testicle.

that is all.
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If im not mistaken,ernie ball is sort of like a squier to fender,epi to gibson.So that guitar you have probably wont get you enough money for a explorer (Gibson) and Ibanez,Gibson and Fender arent the only good guitar brands.

btw,this is in the wrong section,you would have probably gotten better responses elsewhere
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i didn't read your post but when i saw the title i was thinking of ernie's (from sesame street) testicle.

that is all.

I don't really think what the thread title said makes a difference.
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