Right, I got a guitar about a month ago. It's an acoustic guitar. Anyway, I have no one to talk to about learning to guitar which also leaves me in the dark when I need some help. I've been surfing around here looking at tabs of bands i like and getting a few notes of a song down. But I'm looking for what to do to get on my feet with the guitar. I'm also looking maybe a book or something that starts out easy and gets harder. Something that shows a little more than repetition of songs, like maybe music theory, I don't know, I'm pretty lost here. So, does anyone have any recommendations (links?) on books or what I can do to get up and running?
Thanks, looks like it could be handy. Anyone have any others? Maybe just theory, I dunno. I'd like all I can get to learn what I'm doing.
To begin with I think you need to just get a book to learn all the basic chord shapes and to basically get your hand strength built up. At first it can seem really boring, but all of a sudden, you'll realise you're getting somewhere. Another idea would be to get a DVD of guitar basics. I prefer these as you can see how to do things. Then there's also the option of lessons?

Personally, I would get a a couple of basic books and DVD's, learn the basics and then you'll be able to decide for yourself where you want to go next.
Also bear in mind, as a general rule, acoustics are harder to play than electrics, because of the heavier strings and (usually) higher action.
Well, I have a chord book, doesn't split it by basics, but it's better than nothing. And it shows all the shapes so that good. I've noticed the acoustic is harder but all the more challenging to learn and I like a good challenge. Thanks A Lot for the suggestion.
Free online guitar lessons with basic chords and easy songs. Pretty cool website. Thats how i learned my first chords and how im learning to fingerpick.
for now i think you should familiarize yourself with your guitar and learn basic chords. after that find some popular songs that you can play using the chords you just learned. i am self taught and this is how i taught myself. as soon as you hear yourself playing some songs, it will get you motivated.
Hey, it just took me 3 months to self learning this six string king of Musical Instruments.

First thing is that don't rush
1. Learn all Major Chords
2. Chromatic Scales
3. Various forms of Same Chords
4. Pentatonic..........whatever you call it. Its a Scale
5. Barre Chords

I am still learning Barre chords though I can play some barre chords but I will master it.
Go to lessons from this website, open your MS Word, copy the lessons & paste it. Learn it the whole day.
A hour a day should do the trick.
"I know many songs to play on my guitar but all the fish ever want to hear me play are scales."
Thanks a lot everyone, now I have some direction of what to do. This will be very helpful. Now I'm going to go and practice much.
Sorry about the double post, but does anyone know a song or two that aren't incredibly fast that has chords so I can practice the chords and transitions?
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