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Okay, it's just this guy I know was playing with me and laughed in my face for playing a scale like that. I never noticed anything wrong.

Its perfectly fine. Unless your in some guitar class where he wants you to play it naturally ascending and descending. But tons of artists add legato to scales, play a blues scale and then add some vibrato and bends. And Boom theres a blues song lol.
Add whatever you want. If YOU'RE practicing and it's helping YOU than it doesn't matter what someone else thinks of it. As long as you're not playing so bad that you're doing permanent damage to your wrists or something like that, anything goes.
Go listen to Satriani do scales.
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Nothing is technically wrong in playing music, there are always just different ways of doing things, some which might be unorthodox or unhelpful. Playing a scale in legato is by no means wrong, just different. If you are practising legato itself, then it makes sense to play the scale legato.

I think what you are thinking of is that it may be more helpful to play the scale in "normal" staccato, as it helps your picking and shifting between strings.

Remember, in a song you cant do anything wrong, its just a case of thinking what should go where to make it sound the best to you.
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