Hi, I recently have thought about giving up on my Ibanez RG1570 because I can not get my strings to stay tuned.

Let me tell you all I have tried.

First, I put on a set of heavy string, 12 guages, I know this was a mistake. I did not realize that the heavy tension would offset the tremolo so much.

So I got new strings, 9 guages, which is what the system is designed to use.

I put the strings on one by one, then stretched the strings, tuned them up, stretched em, tuned em. I repeated like 30 times, did it many times over a couple of days.

So I get it tuned up, lock the nut, use fine tuners to tune it up. Then when I play, I make bends and use the wammy bar and guess what... my string are all out of tune.

So I continue stretching and retuning, I have been doign this for a week or so.

I tightened the tuners on the head of my guitar, I checked the truss rod and made sure the neck was straight as well as I could. I have the tremolo sitting EXACTLY parallel with the guitar.

And it still goes....out....of...tune.

I think it is a 2006 model of the RG, so if anyone can help me get my guitar to STAY IN TUNE, please give me some additional advise. I have googled so much for other solutions.
A few things that might affect tuning stability:

Is the retainer bar behind the nut screwed in enough? It should pull the strings down after the locking nut.

Does the locking nut look like this?:

It should look like that. Many people do this to the locks:

That is wrong and it will affect tuning stability.

Another thing that affects tuning stability is the studs the knife edges of the tremolo rest on. You have an Edge Pro and from when they were introduced until now, they stopped using locking studs. This allows those studs to shift and cause tuning problems.

This is why most people order from Rich Harris at http://www.ibanezrules.com/

He installs locking studs that really help.
maybe the springs in your tremolo system are shyte...
replace them or add more maybe?
other than that, not sure...
block it =P
Check how you've restrung it.

Seriously, 99% of the time when a guitar (any guitar, any kind of tuners, any kind of bridge) has tuning problems, it's simply because the last time it was strung, it wasn't strung correctly.
I have the locking nut set up correctly.

Is there anything I can do about the locking studs?

What could I have done wrong stringing it?

I have 3 tremolo springs, which I believe is enough for 9guage strings.