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So, I suck pretty bad with technology, and I was just toying around on ebay, and I accidently bought a guitar

I was looking at it, and it said buy it now for 500. under that it said, or best offer. I clicked best offer and typed in 350 just for fun, and it said congratulations, pay now? WTF? I thought it was 500!!!

Anyways, at least I have a cool story about how I got my new guitar.
I haven't even heard of the brand before.

Yes, this is spam, but it's damn funny
/\ ya, I kinda admitted that already. I was more hoping people would get a kick out of it and share laughter with/at me, rather than calling me stupid though... but whatever helps your self esteem I guess
Don't you have to create an account? And give a credit card number? And doesn't it ask if you're sure like 3 times?
It is a nice guitar. Maaaybe not $350 nice, but nice.

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Warned for trolling!

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you've never heard of telecasters...
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Nice buy haha, since you've already bought it, make the best of it!

Body is made of solid alder, so you can upgrade neck and crap with a good result in the end, but it seems like a pretty good guitar altogether!
the guitar's nice i wouldn't have bought it even by accident for 350$ and u can never trust ebay sellers
SX guitar is around $200-$250 range
see it for yourself
nice guitar, but you didn't just bought a guitar accidently. you also got ripped off at the same time
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That ain't the brand name...

then what brand is he talking about?
sex, drugs, and rock and roll have turned into aids, needles, and techno..
Wow this Isn't the $110 Tele that you can find on is it? Cuz if so you just got screwed.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
debra = my mom. I'm not quite old enough for a credit card so I use her account and give her cash.

And I've heard of teles :P . I knew I was getting one, but not this one. I'd never heard of 'SX', the brand. I was probably going to get an MIM tele and put fender specials in it and a warmoth neck, but then I kinda accidentally got this one... just thought i'd share for shits and giggles at my extreme fail...
There are some good things that came from this though:
i love butterscotch blonde, and MIM teles don't come with it!!!
I got it for 50 bucks less than an MIM tele!
I didn't have to go to GC and be pressured by the dbags to get crap i dont need
I learned something about ebay!

I think I just found a way to get out of buying this!
Look at the guys ebay post: Even in the title he calls it a "telecaster". On the actual page:
There isn't the word "telecaster" once. SX never calls it a telecaster. I could contact ebay and tell them that he called this item something it isn't, and get out of paying it. What do you guys think? Do i have a chance?

EDIT: He even put it under the "FENDER" category! what do you think?
i think you just got punkd!

o sorry i forgot that show died along time ago when mtv sold its soul
You can get out of it, say you're under 18 and didn't know what you were doing. Seriously, don't pay for it, and buy an even nicer tele at Rondo music with that $350.
there's a section in ebay's contact us about misleading titles. I just sent them a message and I'll see what happens. He put it under fender telecasters, and it's an SX STL50. Doesn't matter if it looks like a tele, it isn't a tele by definition. I could get his account suspended if i wanted to! I have a very good feeling I'm gonna win this.. Punkd or not, I will win in the end
good luck
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what so your trying to win a "battle" that hasent even started because your dumb enough to go on your mums account and muck around with it??

you should be on a tv show
its called a current affair
/\ haven't heard of it, but I'll assume it was another attempt at an insult..

thanks to everyone who tried to help
you dont deserve help

ps. all you aussies will get the hilarious joke
I don't know, man. He specifically stated that it's an SX guitar, and then also specifically mentioned that it's not a Fender, by misleadingly claiming it to be better than one. Sure, the description has a bit of opinion in it, but it's not a brand misrepresentation per se.

You could try reasoning with the seller, but seeing as they listed a $110 guitar at $550 BIN, they're probably cackling in satisfaction right now.
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You better Or don't pay

Hate moron sellers, even worse the ones who KNOW what they're doin
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you dont deserve help

ps. all you aussies will get the hilarious joke

hahahaha i got it i laughed out loud hard LOL imagine a segway from a old lady who didnt put her car in the right driveway to a man who got mislead by ebay
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you dont deserve help

ps. all you aussies will get the hilarious joke

that seriously isn't funny

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yup it is

even though im not dumb enough to buy a guitar accidently

but you are dumb enough to be an unnecessary ass
i almost bought that guitar... for 110 dollars. but no.

I dont feel that you accidentally did it

I just bought a guitar on ebay. It asked me 3-4 times


or is it different with best offers?
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your mom's account has 3 positive feedbacks.
if nothing else, don't pay and delete the account. and hope the guy doesn't take it up with ebay and they don't do anything to any future accounts of yours (which they prob won't).
dude act like a stupid 14 yr old say u were mucking around with a friend and wed at the this fender american butterscoth tele.
bro its pretty simple,

#1: tell your mom the exact story you told us, since it makes sense, even if you are kind of dumb, its all good.

#2: just dont pay...I mean its so common on ebay for people to just not pay when they say they will buy something, it isnt even funny.

if it charged your moms card autmatically or something, then have her call the credit card company, say you didnt authorize the charges, and theyll reverse them. then tell the seller to **** off and you arent paying, they for sure wont send you the guitar (even if it is a piece of junk) unless youve paid for it.

problem solved

dont do stupid things lol....

and if you want to mess around wiht the best offer function, START LOW! lol
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do not pay. he was trying to rip you off, even if it was legal. screw him.
explain your age and mistake, also the crazy price he was asking, in any case f#$% him.
Don't pay. When I was little, I ****ed up and accidentally bought a laptop on eBay. Never paid and there were no repercussions (other than a negative feedback that no one will believe).
Sincerely, Chad.
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this is pretty funny

that you believe this bull****

lol you do realise you are making quite a dick out of yourself man
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this is pretty funny

that you believe this bull****

Well, you can't deny there's a 350$ winning bid on that guitar, so I don't really know what you're on about.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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