Hey guys. I've been playing for about a year now. I stopped learning stuff after about 6 months, all I've done since then is play the same songs over and over and learn ones now and again :P I don't know what to learn from here, anyone any ideas? Thanks
learn some new songs. or write some of your own. or listen to some songs and, rather than play them, invent your own riffs and solos and improvise over them.
Make sure you've really got the basics down. This could take a few months, or it could be a couple of years, everyone's a bit different.

Once you're sure you've got the basics learnt correctly, then it just becomes a question of practising and refining your technique, over and over and over...

Try to start to learn songs by ear as well. The earlier you start doing this and sooner you stop relying on tabs, the faster you'll become better.