i remember the first time i changed my strings, i didnt undo the nut, its a locking nut, and then i undid all the screws on the rose to pop the strings out, i didnt even remember there was tension on the strings, so i took them all out and the thing slammed down....lucky i didnt damage it, anyone else do something stupid?
lol the first time i changed strings on my acoustic i was like tonedeaf and had no tuner, and i accidentally wound the strings too tight and i strummed a few chords and like 4 strings broke and stabbed me and now i have scars lol
my players deluxe strat has bass style tuners, and i took all the strings out to restring it. Not being a bass player it took me a good half an hour to work out how the hell i was supposed to put the strings on. XD

smooth moves eh.
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No, not really, i had no locking system so it was all good
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my third time changing strings i cut them too short. all of them fit on ans then the thin e kept slipping off... it broke my heart. so i took em all off threw em away and learnt from that mistake.
basically just looked like an idiot.

it was a FR of all things lol (not that theyre really that bad to change, but I mean..first time?)...#1 dont know why my friend even let me do it on his for the first time, but w/e.

i did everything wrong...dont even want to talk about it
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i got a video with my squier showing how to change strings.

so no.