okay we are practicing in a garage. we are a 3 piece.

heres what's going to be in the garage.

Drums: pearl 5 piece drum set.
Guitar: Line 6 Ax2 212
Bass: SWR Workingman 15 combo.
Pa System: unknown just a type my friend has.

im wounder how should we set it up?

we got a whole garage that has the sound protector stuff on the wall so the nabors can not hear it.
We used to set the speakers up next to the drums and bass to the far left with either vocals going towards the drumkit or away depends how loud your mic amp is
Put amps either side of the drum kit and a bit far away fso you can hear what you're doing without being drowned out. Then put the vocals quite close to the speakers to make sure the drummer and you guys can at least half hear what the vocals and sounding like. Then just plug and make sure that the vocals are louder than anything else just they can be heard during both the quiestest and loudest parts of the songs that you playh.
i just put the amps facing the drummer being we have a small practice space and cant put them behind or beside drums
Current Setup

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okay. so bass amp on left side of bass drum. guitar amp on right side of bass drum. (looking at it from the front.)

where do u think the speakers for the pa should go.

i hear not to put them close to the mic so no feed back.

im just trying to put no feedback in there
They should go close to the drums, although you will probably need to turn then up so that they can be heard over everything else (as i have already said, i apologise for sounding like a broken record)
its cool dude.

im just trying to make sure that this is a good set up. cause we are trying to make it be perfect. witch something wont like last time when the guitar amp caught on fire.
well, how much PA do you have? Do you have a pair of mains and a pair of monitors?
Usually you'd have the mains closer to the front edges of the stage, if they're in front of the mic, there's not a lot of opportunity for feedback, but that's trickier if you don't have any monitors with which to hear yourself sing.
i think its just 2 speakers that was part of the package. idk im not a big pa guy my self. and she just has them and i know that they work good and stuff.