Ive always wondered if there are some sort of guidelines around whether you should downpick a piece or not.

are there any?

I know in some instructional vids and other **** they say, Downpick this piece! otherwise its cheating, and it sounds like ****. I can definately hear the difference, and yes all D's sometimes does sound considerably better, but...still, what guidelines do you guys hold yourself to?

I know its probably one of those judgement things...but **** it, im bored and its 1 in the morning.
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The most famous down picked song is without a doubt Master Of Puppets.
In fact, most of metallica's riffs are down picked to give it that extra heavy punch.
It really depends...

I'm working on getting my alternate picking on lower strings really snappy when I need it to be, to give it the power of pure downpicking. Useful for thrash etc. However, I really recommend working with a metronome to get your speed up, because it will generally make riffs written to be downpicked sound much, much better.
yeah, it is pretty much just your own judgment. make your own sound. but pretty much downpick everything in metal but the solos and those fast bursts. no one really cares about how you do it in the other genres
I strictly downpick, and I do reccomend it, but PLEASE! Don't neglect alternate picking!

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no no I didnt mean it like that, of course I dont neglect alt picking...but I have recently been playing those rough crunchy riffs with downpicking and I didnt know if I was maybe acting on a bad impulse.
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no no I didnt mean it like that, of course I dont neglect alt picking...but I have recently been playing those rough crunchy riffs with downpicking and I didnt know if I was maybe acting on a bad impulse.

Quite the contrary. Keep it up.
Strict alternate picking and strict downpicking are both useful techniques and really a must to master. As someone here said, the most famous downpicked song is MOP. Try it with alternate picking, and it just wouldn't sound the same. They are both useful to bring out different characteristics when you pick a note, so learn them both.
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I downpick most of the time, but I need to concerntrate hard to get alternate picking, and I need to practice it more, alternate picking can in theory let you play a bit faster, but it gives riffs more of a 'rolling' sound than a 'running' sound
I down pick power chord riffs exclusively and other riffs/licks/solos when I am just learning them, but when I get a good feel for them I try to go to alternate. As mentioned its good to strictly downpick sometimes because its good for speed and strength, but you'll suprise yourself with how fast you can go when you switch to alternate picking on a given lick.
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I have never been able to distinguish between my down-stroke and my up-stroke. If you've got proper control of your picking hand then you shouldn't be able to either.

Actually, only up-stroking everything is a fantastic workout for your picking hand. Try playing a whole song just up-picking.
well i learned economy picking very early on, so I kind of strictly do that, its a habbit for me to play runs in more of a fluid sweep, than to strictly alternate pick.

with downpicking though it sounds a lot better imo, so I just do it...on those MOP-like riffs where its a lot of easy chunks of heavier sounding notes.

ive just seen some guys play some relatively fast riffs (some of the shadowsfall guys) with all D's and was like...jesus.

I only use shadowsfall as an example because i saw some vid guitar lesson with them where he played one of the songs, and said, downpick this it sound so much better, and it was a pretty fast lick...so then I wondered..**** am I not downpicking when I should be?

but yeh w/e thanks for the replies
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