My band is called Method 91 and we've recently released our second EP which is called Follow...

Have a listen and tell me what you think, there's quite a few rough edges but overall we're happy with it. The tracks off it are 'Leech', 'Breathe Me In', and 'Follow'

im no metal fanatic... but that was sounding pretty tight my friend. keep on rockin' in the free world.
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Style-wise I quite like it.
Leech - Good song overall, flows well and the break in the middle is nice. I agree that the singing could be stronger in places and there could be more alterations in the melody
To be honest the same goes for Breathe Me In and Follow. However, Follow is probably my favourite as it has more variety and that harder-more melodic sound that I like.
Hope all goes well for you
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that was interesting, Breathe Me In had to be my favorite. In my opinion the vocals aren't powerful enough on some of the songs, other than that I really enjoyed it!