I heard good and bad things with the Crate Powerblock, and the general concensus is that: those that want it sdistortion will be disappointed; those that use it to hear just the effects would be great. In essence, PowerBlock is more or less a PA amp.

The question is, aside from a refurb/blem/second hand PowerBlock, is there any other alternatives, including power amp and PA amp? What I want mainly is its size and volume.
Mabe a cheap amp/with an effects loop, using return effects as imput with the effect.
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THe Powerblock is also ideal as a bass amp as well. It'll do decent AC/DC distortion, and cleans up pretty well, however, it's still kinda lacking. You won't find a louder amp for the price, nor will you find an amp that can work decently for bass, and as a PA system.
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