I was looking for a RG370DX, but you guys on UG said the EDGE III was sad.
Now i have two fixed bridge options in mind. Both are pretty much the same with the below differences...

RG321 has Mahogony body and IBZ INF3 and INF4 pups.

RG2EX1 has Rosewood body and Dual EMG-designed passive humbuckers plus $20 and looks better IMO.

Both have Wizard II necks that i know are good fast soloing. Which is what i was looking to develop.

Which would be a "better" guitar for generic metal straight out of the box?

Thanks again to all your guys on UG. Been a big help indeed.
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Play it for yourself and decide...each guitar sounds diferent to each person...it varies...best is to play both and make the decision urself...
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I have an RG321 an awesome guitar but the stock Dimarzio's are not very high output. May want to consider replacing with some Duncan's or EMG's if you play a lot of metal. But the Dimarzio is much better on clean tones.
Dude, get the RG321. The mahogany body would provide you more low end, suitable for metal. And the picks on the RG2EX1 are EMG-DESIGNED, i stress on the word "designed". Its nowhere near the standards of the regular EMGs. And yea, the RG2EX1 is basswood, not rosewood. More suitable for shred and the sorts, not really metal. So, save that $20 and put it into your new pickup fund for the RG321.
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i have the rg321 and i love it
im not gonna tell you to get it though because if you dont like it i will feel terrible
i agree with the guy above who says try them out and see which is better
the INF3&4 pickups are the best stock pickups on any guitar, but they are still not as good as branded pickups.
I think they have a moderately high output, and the 5 way pick up switch is wired to give a very versatile range of sounds
thanks again guys.. i guess i'll go to Guitar center this weekend and try em both. Anyways, Thanks again.