hi,I am new here and have started putting my first pedal board together.I am looking for some advice on the correct order of effects and what effects to add.My first pedal is my crybaby(hendrix)>Danelectro Black licorice(set on octave jimmy page)>artec classic fuzztown(hendrix fuzz)>bad dog dist(van halen/bettencourt).After the bad dog i have 3 empty spaces then a bad dog flanger (john squire)>behringer digital reverb(no reverb in amp).I am unsure as to what to put in the 3 empty spaces i am also looking for advice to which order you would put effects in.I am influenced by classic rock such as hendrix,clapton,dire straits,queen,black sabbath,zep and also like slayer,van halen,srv,oasis,the stone roses,the verve.I am considering removing the 2 bad dog pedals for better pedals and at the moment am considering a digitech delay.I am looking to spend roughly between £30 and £60 per pedal so all advice appreciated.what pedals would you use to go after the guitarists above and what order would you put your effects in please?(I have a small tuner which i keep seperate from the board to save space)
delay, chorus, and chromatic tuner

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Whammy pedal maybe?
Get the Ibanez Dr Jeckyl-My Hyde Chorus/Flanger?
Delay pedal?
In-Line Talkbox (Danelectro Free Speech)?
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thanks! kingey i hada look around for the dr.jekyll but found this instead to replace the bad dog flanger which gives me both chorus and flange in one unit at a good price http://www.sheargoldmusic.co.uk/pm-641-37-ibanez-cf7-chorusflanger.aspx i considered the marshall regenerator but after hearing the soundclips of the chorus i was put off.what do you think of the sound clips of the cf7?
I would get a delay pedal before you got anything more. Make sure you get one with tap(analog) delay though as most digital delay pedals only allow for up to 4 second delays and are difficult to change on the fly. then probably a good chorus pedal. pedal tuners with a built in mute function are very helpful too.
can anyone recommend any delay pedals other than the dd6 with the tap function for harmonizing and a good warm shimmering chorus pedal?
I think i have decided on the remaining pedals.I am gonna replace the bd flanger with the ibanez cf7 chorus/flange,get a boss dd6 delay,small stone phaser and an mxr 6 band eq. what do you think of my choices,ok hopefully.If anyone could recommend a good delay with the tap function for around 50 or 60 quid to save me spendin a ton on the dd6 i'd appreciate it!