Not really a complete song. I just wrote it one day when I couldn't sleep at like 3am.
It is ment to be somewhat slow, and the end-word to each line should be longated when said or sang.

You can give suggestions, or you can say it sucks. So yea, do whatever
And please excuse any bad spelling.

In the Fate of denial
hiding from the exploding shells
Never wanting to go the extra mile
wondering in the worst of many hells

Brainwashed to fight for no cause
Brainwashed to obey these laws
loosing all common sence.
bending to the point of madness
climing this endless battle fence
past the point of extreme sadness.

Becoming insane,
killing in-vein,
covered in blood stain.

becoming claustrophobic
insanely necrophobic

In a fate warse than denial
Killing to stop exploding shells
Past any and every mile
Lost in the many hells

Became insane,
killed in-vein,
Living in blood stain.

Brainwashed to fight for WAR
Brainwashed to obey laws no more
Warcrime induced madness
Killing induced sadness
warcrime insulted violence
Killing the the name of silence
Bloodshed form of masturbation
Death the last destination