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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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Feeder, I wasn't even a fan but my friend dragged me along.

Jumped over into the mosh pits when the lights went down, got to meet the band and all, it was a cool first time.
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Marty Friedman with Ron Jarzombek.
However, it sucked. It was too damn hot, and the sound quality was awful. My ex guitar teacher was there too and he hated it.




*thinks about it more*


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Alice in Chains last concert, I think. I don't remember much.. Just a bunch of people in face paint.
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Less Than Jake in good old 2001.

I got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer, lost my glasses and gashed my face.

good show though!
Going to be Gigantour =]
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uhm as far as i can remember, it was System of a Down, with the Mars Volta opening for em... Twas ok, mars volta was crappy sound quality, and SOAD wasnt really a show, was more like play songs and leave, but thats what i payed for, eh? =D
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Blink 182

last ever european tour

November 30th 2004

NEC Birmingham

the vending machine ate everyone in front of me's money, then spat it all out at me, made, like £15, so I bought a T-shirt.....then they broke up, sure as hell happy I've got that memento, and got to see them (I was 14, allowed to love them, and anywaysl, we all know Dude Ranch was the best thing they ever did) was seating though....gutted!
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im gion to first in march B.B.King
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First concert? Elton John on the Made in England tour. I was in first or second grade. My dad took me to see him. I don't remember much though. I've also seen Aerosmith, Blues Traveler, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, POD, Story of the Year, Corey Smith, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, and several local bands.

Blues Traveler put on the best show out of all of those. However the Corey Smith concert had an assload of hot girls.
Mötley Crüe
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3 Colours Red

Quite a change from a lot of the stuff I listen to now.

But back where I used to live we didn't get a lot of big artists. Unlike now, where I can go to either Manchester or Leeds to see some!


totally thought this meant first gig you played at.

my bad

anyway, for me it was Bruce Springsteen

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In my pc

My first 1 gig ever.

Nah... but seriously, haven't had any real ones with my band. In a couple of months.. well be doing it.
MCR listening party...
where i've met the most gorgeous and the most hideous girls i've ever seen. Man-woman makes me shiver :s
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Dream Theater/Symphony X in september 2006.
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My first show was Green Day. I'm not that big a fan anymore, but that was a damn good show, whether you like them or not.
Keep of Kalessin/Satyricon split concert.
I remember barely being able to walk after the concert, and could barely talk, it was more like whispering when I tried to talk and talking when I shouted... but that must have been because Satyr insisted on that the crowd made the highest amount of noise possible, and had smoke machines around the stage.
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Trivium in Glasgow in 2005. Quality, hardly any body was there as Ascendancy had just been released and they were virtually unknown.
Def Leppard, I hated the music and was so far away the singer actually looked young.

Still im seeing em again this year
Rush, Snakes and Arrows Tour 2007
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Morbid Angel, 1991 at the London Marquee (if my failing memory serves me right). Awesome gig (just before "Blessed are the sick" was released) with people diving off the first floor balconies, Trey Azagoth covered in blood (his own), the sickest pit I've ever witnessed....sigh.... those were the days!!

Muse at wembely stadium, absolutemont awsome, still the best gig ive been too, to date however foo fighers at 02 and ash at brixton came close. Probably wont be when i see the raconteurs
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oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


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