I owned that bass, and it was the worst bass I'd ever owned, the input jack seemed to break once or twice a month, and it just sounded really bland and muddy

I like ever other Ibanez I've ever played, but I payed £100 for that bass, and £110 for my peavey milestone, and I prefer the milestone in every way....

but hey, justy my opinion, but yeah, I traded that SOB in as soon as possible
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check out the bass player faq on beginner basses, and most here will agree with me in saying that even though you're a guitar player, you shouldn't go for a short scale bass like the one you linked to. If you want the simplicity of controll advertised for that thing go for a p-bass or clone.
yes, I agree you're better with a full scale bass. It's really not that big a difference, I chop and change between guitar and bass all the time, it also means you'll be able to play any bass in the future.
As another Ibanez fan, I have to agree with Skippy, that bass is awful in so many ways to Monday. Its short scale at its worse and it feels and plays like a poorly built bass.