Hey, so I've only got a single bed in my room, used to have an inflatable double mattress for when my gf came round, unfortunately on sunday we managed to burst it (I won't go into details). So I'm, thinking of replacing it with a sofa bed/futon type thing, but I don't have much cash to spend on it (<£100)

Where can I get cheap furniture? the only place I can think of is IKEA, but i'd like some other options.

I live near Glasgow, so annywhere in central Scotland, or anywhere UK-wide that delivers is fine.
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just drive around looking at roadsides. The only cost will be petrol. I've found loads of stuff that people have thrown out.

Unfortunately I don't drive, plus at this time of year in Scotland anything that's outside for more than 30 secs = soaked through
+1 to ikea
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Some salvation army places have ****loads of furniture.
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Some salvation army places have ****loads of furniture.

I might check out some charity places. But I don't like the idea of sleeping on something when I don't know where it came from, ya know?