apart from the better trem on the rr1 and mother of pearl instead of moto why is the rr1 three times the price of the rr3?
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The reasons you set out.

Would help if you could tell us the RRP of both these guitars.
The RR1 is US-made and neckthru. The RR3 is Korean/Indonesian/Chinese and bolt-on. That's why.
^^pretty much, except the fact that rr3 is made in japan... JS series are the only non-japanese jacksons...
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Made in Corona, California
Neck Thru
MOP Inlays and Logo
Higher Quality Hardware
Higher Quality Finish
Better Electronics

Made in Japan
Bolt On
Moto Inlays
Logo is a (cleared over) decal
Jackson LFR
Mid Quality Hardware
Marginally Cheaper Finishes
Chinese Pots + Switches