I would like a really good clean channel for playing songs for my kids, but for myself, I am learning to play so I can play mainly Maiden, Priest, Metallica, AC/DC, Anthrax, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Queensryche, Ozzy, Tesla etc. I'm sure down the road wouldn't mind playing some more classic rock.

For my tastes, which amp do you think will give me the best sounds/tones out of the two? Haven't heard a lot about the XL, but more has been negative than positive. Also heard that the normal AD15VT is "just ok" for some metal that's not too heavy. If it helps, I can't stand modern, super-high distortion metal and don't see myself playing it.
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Probably the AD15VT then.
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I don't own a cube, and I've never played one so I don't know how the Valvetronix compares, I just know that I like my Valvetronix. It's a great little practice amp.

That being said, if you want cleans and Maiden, you definitely do not want the XL models. The XL models are all high gain. In my opionion, the standard VT series are more versatile and are more than capable of achieving high gain tones.

Also, I recommend the AD30VT over the AD15VT. The AD15VT does not have the attenuator on the back. The attenuator (think of it as a master volume control) gives you much greater control over the tone and volume of the amp.
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