Does anyone know how the latest FX units sound through the blues jr?

I'm interested because whilst I love the tones of the Fender I could do with a bit of vesatility. I have a nice 808 OD pedal which means the amp sounds good at home too when I can't crank it, but I don't find much use for this when gigging, the power amp breakup is much sweeter.

My friend lent me a Korg G2 (i think it was) and it sounded awful, actually sounded as though someone had stuffed a duvet into the amp. But I was wondering if one of the more 'up to date' and obviously better units would give me the versatility I'm looking for without too much of a compromise on tone.

Does anyone use a similar set up while gigging, should I bite the bullet and get a modelling amp, a 50W valvetronix or something in the Line 6 range? Spider valve?

I'm actually going to try the valvetronix amps but as with all things you never know how they really sound till you're up there doing it and its being heard 'in the mix' as it where.

Any experiences or advice will be much appreciated. TIA
Forget Multi FX....
Go analog!!!!
if you love your amp breakup
then you just need most prob a delay, tremolo?
those modulation FX
^analogue effects wont really give him great versatility though and definately not in a cost effective way.

modern multi effects units can sound extremely good but often require a lot of effort to do so. if your the kind of person who loves tweaking parameters and spending time finding tones then something along the lines of the pod x3 live, the vox tonelab le, the new floorbased multieffects from tc electronics or the new boss gt-10 would serve you very well
Ok a difference of opinion there already. Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure if I am the type of person to sit and spend ages finding tones. Obviously I do try to find them but like most I'd sooner just play.

I had considered just throwing a delay pedal into the loop maybe for solo's but that wouldn't give me the versatility as Tuckers stated.

Hopefully there'll be a few more replies and experiences to help me along the way.