Hi UG,

Ok, I'm putting up a daily training schedule. I already have:

Working on my speed/accuracy (15min)
Learning my fretboard (15 mins)
Ear training (30 mins)
Learning the scales/modes/improvisation (30mins)

Now i would like to have some songs i could work on, but not just random songs...
I'm looking for songs that will improve my technique/speed, you see?
Also i have a very bad timing. How can i improve my timing.

Anyway any help/suggestions/howyoudoit is welcome. Oh yeah i have about 2-3 hours a day.

Thanks for your help!
definitely a metronome! use it whenever ur practice.. especially when ure working on ur speed/accuracy.

wat type of style u play?
Ok, i have a metronome but it's very quiet and don't really know well how to work but it. But i will learn it!

And i love blues(clapton,.../rock(hendrix,...)/funk(Blood Sugar Sex Magic funk!)
But it really don't have to be songs of them, learning something of the song is way more important

Anyhow, thanks for replies!
the metronome will be ur best friend once u get the hang of it. remember to start slow! speed is nothing without accuracy.

good luck!
Just doing purely mechanical exercises is much better than any song, mainly because most mechanical exercises sound pretty lousy, but they do a better job working your fingers.
Learn Eruption. Actually, learn anything you want, its your playing. Improvise a lot. Technical exercises are a slightly better substitution for a song, improvement wise. But when all you have to show 6 months later is a few speed licks, thats where you see the fun in songs. Oh yeah, and buy a pair of drum sticks. They're cheap. Then just work on 8th/16 notes with accents, and funky rythyms. You can get into rolls if you want, but atleast do that. It'll help on your timing(I've played percussion in school band 3 years, my timing has long been perfect).
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