Hey all, as some of you may know I have an old AC30 I will rebuild. I have the two trasnformers, chassis and cab all in working order.

Basically, it must use an AC30 30w A/B 4x EL84 poweramp, but otherwise, I'm pretty much free to do anything with it.

Trouble is, I just can't decide what preamp to build into it. Keeping in mind I've already got my VC30 which sounds damn Voxy as is, I want to use as un-Voxy a preamp as I can...

But which one? There's so many...

I could do a Bassman, Plexi, JTM45, Blackface Fender, Matchless, Vox, Hiwatt...

I dig that Pete Townshend kind of tone most of all... But how would I best get it? I know he uses his Tweed Fenders with the 6L6/KT66 mostly... But I'm stuck on 30w(max) EL84 because of the Transformers.

Anybody give me a hand choosing?

What would you most want in your dream amp?
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id do a hiwatt...i dunno, i never played any of them, but they intrigue me the most...maybe because townshend used/(uses) them


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yeah, that's what I though of, as Hiwatts are basically tweed fenders modded to have a lot of headroom and with British Valves... Hmm....
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.