G'day, two items today.

1. Epi Triggerman 4x12 cab.
Condition: Pretty damn good, it's about a year old, it does have a few noticeable (but small) tears on the outside from extreme rocking out, but I'd say it gives it more character
Reason for selling: Don't need 4x12
Pics: go on google to see what it looks like, if you want pics of the actual unit PM me
http://images.google.com.au/images?svnum=10&um=1&hl=en&q=epiphone+triggerman+cab&btnG=Search+Images < look I even gave you a link to the google search.
Pricing: 300 would be awesome

2. Zoom G7.1ut Multi Effects
Condition: I've honestly only used it about 5 times, only really used the OD and delay. I've got it packed in the box ready to go, manuals in both english and french still there. I'm including the power adapter too.
Reason for selling: Tubescreamer, DD6.
Pics: Again if you want pics of the actual unit PM me, otherwise google is your friend
Pricing: 350 would be awesome, I advertised it at 400 elsewhere but I like UG better.

Postage: Not posting the cab, I really doubt it would be worth the cost ^^
I will post the pedal, PM me with postcode if you want a quote!
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