I am getting a Gibson Flying V and want to get straplocks so it doesnt fall. Should I get the dunlop dual design straplocks and get a strap for it, or should I get the Dimarzio Cliploks? Which one is more durable and would be better on the V?
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Schallars FTW. All that I use...
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I was going to put some in a used PRS I have but a friend of mine that has one said he had to drill in his guitar, I use trench straps and the leather on there seems to be pretty solid so I still havn't gotten any yet

those ergos look awesome do they work good?
i doubt they really work well. Idk. I already have straplocks from dunlop on my warlock. They work really well but i want to know. Whats a really good strap for under 20 dollars that would do will with straplocks and all. I was thinking the 3" levi sea serpeant one. Its like 15 dollars. Whats the best and most durable strap for under 20 bucks

how does this strap look? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Levys-Eye-of-the-Dragon-Nylon-3-Strap?sku=360047

Do Dimarzio Cliplok's get rough on your neck because of the edges not being woven? Is it comfortable all the time even though it is only 2"?
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^^ For a strap, I prefer Planet Waves.
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I thought for some reason this was gonna say ' I have a Gibson Flying V and want to know, what Strap Locks does Slash use as I just love his strap solidarity'

im not sure why.