right, ive got part of a song stuck in my head, but i can remember anything about it, from the name of the band, to the name of the song or any of the lyrics, but i really wanna know what song it is because i keep seeing bits of the video repeated in my head.

i have a feeling that the name of the band is a three barrelled one and one of the words may or may not be legend (i think it might be, but i cant remember) and i think one of the words in the title may or may not be love

the song would have probably been released in 2006/ 7 and i dont think they would have had an album previously, they all seemed young on the video

the lead singer sang some bits very high pitched (it wasn't the darkness) and he wore one of those neckerchief things and a belt with like bullet caps in it.

its only about three minutes long and the video is set in like a small club type room with the band on stage and crowd . . . in the crowd i guess. emm.... but other than that i really dont know . . . they did remind me a bit of thin lizzy i think tho. but they might not have done, its been about a year since ive sin it.

please help otherwise i will have to live with this forever!

o, and i think they probably didnt do very well, because i looked at the kerrang website (i saw the video on kerrang) and they didn't win any awards in either of those years.
Could it be someone like The Answer? Saying they reminded you a bit of Thin Lizzy, does that mean they had a sort of retro-rock/classic rock sound to them?


I'm guessing at The Answer so far, but I don't know of the song so couldn't say if any of that is in a video of theirs.
it wasn't the answer - altho ive seen there video a few times. i would have known if it was them because im actually quite a big fan. but yes they did have sort of a retro sound going on. its really irritating me that i dont know who it is. to be honest they weren't even that good, its just that i want to know so i can stop thinking about it.
Bullets And Octane - Caving In?

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