this may sound like a stupid question, but are the Dunlop guitar straps of good quality ?
I have a strap that came with my guitar, but it isn't very comfortable IMO.
and i saw this one recently:

(the most left one)
and i thought "hmmm.... i bet that will look amazing on my strat ".

so does anyone know a good tweed strap, or if the dunlop one is good ?

Dunlop's fine, although I prefer leather over tweed/vinyl. Slides around less.
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I have a Levi's one made out of leather, simply will not slide.

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holy $$$$, $45 !! ^ i assume that's real leather then...

is sliding such a bad thing btw ?

It's just a comfort thing for me. I don't want to be fighting the guitar while I'm moving around.
Hi, I'm Peter
I have an $8 dollar strap for a rather expensive Ibanez S - and it works fine. But I wouldn't use that strap, like mentioned above for heavier guitars cause the vinyl/clothe can cut into you and a heavier guitar will slide around. I used a standard $35 leather strap for my gibson.
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I like having a nice strap myself. I like a nice wide padded leather.
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