I'm looking to rewire my PRS with a 500K push/pull pot for tone and a 500K or 1 mega pot for volume. It seems the brands readily available are CTS, DiMarzio, Gibson, Fender, Proline, and AllParts. Is any brand markedly better than the others, or should I get good results going with pretty much any of them? I'm not going to buy "genuine PRS pots" because they tend to cost 3 times the amount of the others, which IMO is ridiculous ($35 for a push/pull pot??? Fellate me, Paul R. Smith).

Also, if you can think of any other brand that you recommend, please let me know. A link to a place that carries them would also be appreciated.
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It really shouldn't matter what kind of push/pull pot you get, as long as it has the same resistance/impedance value. Any pot should do you really. When it comes to components like that, not much at all changes from one another except for the name.
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You can't really go wrong with those brands, but I've heard good things about CTS and Alpha.

By the way, 1 mega k would be equal to a billion. That might be a bit too much. :P
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I just get push/pull pots from where ever.

Smallbearelec.com carries them now, which is awesome, because they cost less than 3 bucks there.

However, if you need knurled shafts, you'd have to look elsewhere. These ones are smooth: