I've got a POD XT the other night. I'm wondering how it sounds as a preamp to a combo amp or power amp. I shouldn't even be asking this as I had a RACK POD (one of the originals) 5 years ago and hooked it up to my mesa 2:90 and the mesa basically said "YEAH RIGHT" and it sounded like mud.

Now I am wondering how this thing would sound if I hooked it up to my mesa rectifier recording preamp effects loop. If it's going to degrade the sound I'm not going to even bother and will just use regular old fashioned pedals like the olden times.

most of the line6 FX sound muddy and digital to my ear.
I have Gearbox which I tried and hated, others love it.

somewhat like an MG amp...

If you can do it without spending much money, try hooking the POD up as a preamp. I dont think you'll get much out of it though.
Well that's not why I bought it. I bought it to record riffs primarily and to take with me on the road / vacation. I was just curious. I figured it would sound like garbage hooked up to an amp, I was just curious as to what others felt.