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It's where you can place certain effects. They go after the pre-amp section of the amp, so they won't get coloured by your amp's distortion. It's good for reverb, chorus, delay etc. as you don't really want those effects to get distorted.
Hang on, you have a 5150 and a delay pedal yet u dont know what an effects loop is?!
Its the send and return jacks on your amp through which you put effects (such as delay). The reason behind this is so that you dont have to run them between your guitar and amp damaging your tone.
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Basically a guitar amp has two sections: a preamp and a power amp. The preamp puts the signal through one or more gain stages and provides a line level signal. The power amp powers that signal to a point where speakers can be driven. An effects loop is basically an insert between the two sections allowing you to further process the signal after the preamp but before the power amp.
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alright, that's what i thought
Peavey 5150
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