I asked already but people answered me based on a computer mic input

i just bought these really cool Technical Pro Jam Speakers - and amp

they have a 1/4" mic input right on the face

the guitar sounds good but i dont know if anything is being cut out

also i dont know if i get a different type of a guitar will it sound good

so i guess my question is 1/4" Mic input on an amp can it get the sound needed from a guitar or will it sound bad?

jvc makes a piece that has a mic/guitar input how do they do that if

Mic level : About 2mV (0.002 volt) to about 1 volt depending on how loud the source is, and on how sensitive the mic is.

Guitar or Instrument level: Typically 0.1 volt to 1 volt for passive guitar pickups; up to 1.75 volt for active pickups.

how can they do it and get a good sound?
I don't have an answer for you, but I have a question. I saw these same speakers on ebay, they seem sweet, and great price too. I am looking at the Jam 15 speakers. What do you have? How loud are they? Do these speakers sound good for guitar/bass/vocals? I would be mic'ing my marshall dsl 401 to a mixer, then sending it to these. please lemme know
really cool haveing fun with this technical pro product

i have the pair of 10s

its cool because i got 2 speakers with an amp an eq and also i can blend my ipod into the guitar which led to fun

also i can get 1 mic and 1 guitar - no prob with the ipod and blend them all in really having fun with these TP Jam 10's