So I heard an Eminem song called 'foolish pride'. It happens to be a recording Eminem and a friend did in the 80's. The song sounds hilarious.. check out the lyrics

(Friend of Eminem)
"Yo man.. Yo Marsh man, You've been kickin' all this **** about yourself, want the ??? man"

"Ai, you want one about the posse, Aight"

Oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
Oh, oh, ph, ohh Foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride

Well foolish pride has alot of things to say
You got foolish pride, you got tooth decay
But tooth decay is another problem
So let's take this old foolish pride and solve it
Now, when I talk about foolish pride
I mean blacks & whites taking different sides
When blacks and whites take different sides
Unity never happens, and we will subside
We will subside and hatred will release
And everything will just crush that peace
Well, when we crush that peace, we start hatin' each other
But remember, you are my brother, and [B]you are my sister[/B]
[B]Just like I'm a mister[/B]
I seen a black girlfriend and I kissed her
I kissed her ; I placed it on her cheek
And she didn't come back till next week

Now it was next week and she was back again
Wanting to kiss a white kid
So she was my girlfriend, we started going out
But that's okay because we were Black and white
Blacks and whites they sometimes mix
But Black girls only want your money cause they're dumb chicks
So I'ma say like this
Don't date a Black girl, take it as a diss
If you want, but if you don't
I'ma tell you like this, I surely won't
Never date a Black girl because Blacks only want your money
And that **** aint funny

So I'ma say look honey
Why do you do this?
You know, [B]you step up to me like you a Brutus[/B]
Then you try to grab my spinach
Because its green and that's cash
So get outta here, 'cause I don't need your ass
I said that before, but that's okay because like I said you're a *****
Black girls and white girls just don't mix
Because Black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks
White girls are good ; I like white girls
I like white girls all over the world
White girls are fine and they blow my mind
And that's why I'm here now telling you this rhyme
'Cause Black girls, I really don't like
We don't mix, it's like riding a bike
When you're peddling hard, uphill both ways
You know it's kinda hard and that's why I say to you
I'm giving you a little advice
Don't date a Black girl, if you do it once you won't do it twice
You won't ever do it again because they'll take your money
And that aint funny
So I'ma say look honey
I thought I said that before
But like I said again you're nothing but a big *****
So when mike catch on the bass line
That's okay ‘cause we will not just waste time

I'll get straight to the point
Black girls are bitches, that's why I'ma tell ya you better pull up your britches
‘Cause all that cash is making your ass drag
From the boyfriend ya ganked and that's pretty bad
I mean that's pretty sad when ya dating a Black guy
And then you turn around and **** another big, Black guy
Now that's pretty wrong, but you're just ganking
But that's okay because you need a goddamn spanking
From me, the funky Eminem
I'm busting rhymes and I'm swallowing phlegm
I'm busting a freestyle just like this
I say swallowing phlegm and Howard gets pissed
But when Howard gets pissed that's okay
Because he leaves and he doesn't show up for two more days
So I'll just worry about that problem when I come to it
I cross that bridge when I come to it

Because, I forgot the chorus
But that's okay 'cause y'all saying bust a rhyme for us
So I'ma bust another rhyme about this Black girl
She turned out to be a ****in' wack girl
A wack girl, because Black girls ain't funny
All they want is your godamn money
They take you for everything you got
And then you stand with a bunch of snot in your hand
So I'ma kick it to you just like this
How does the chorus go, I forgot
But that's okay, 'cause I'ma tell you in stride
I'ma say oh foolish pride

Oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh
Date a white girl, 'cause they got the raw hide… 

got any more?
Anything by zappa ^^

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My love for you
Is like a truck
Piece Of ****... can't remember who its by but here are the lyrics:

I can't see through the windshield,
cos its got a big fackin crack,

and the interior smells real bad cos my friend puked in the back

Choir: Its a piece of ****,

piece of **** caaaaar,

we got a piece of **** car,


choir: the fackin pile of ****,

dude: and it never gets me faaar...

Oh **** you car
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
Grab my spinich, cuz it's green and that's money. LOL WTF.
LimbLifter is the best band in the world! and they're Canadian .
Some of Buckethead's stuff...
"Taxidermy tots" "Can you help"

Sean Cullen, Stephen Lynch & Tom Green
Anything involving Les Claypool but the songs usually have deep meanings and Weird Al.