I'm hoping someone can tell me what Tone Pros bridge will fit an Epiphone Dot? AVR-II? TP6?

As expected the bridge that came with the Dot is a piece of ...... and at least two of the saddles are really loose due to short screws. I don't fancy having it packed with bluetack forever.
Dont know the epis are made to metric as 90% of the world uses except the US. The last time I tried to put a non epi bridge on my epi LP it wouldnt fit the post spacing was different. I know epi has different levels of quality in parts they use. I have a epi LP standard and it has cheap no name bridge and stop piece on it. My cheaper LP 100 has a better epi made bridge and stop piece. So will a tone pro fit, maybe. You could always try new saddles and screws.
It's an Epiphone stamped bridge. I suppose I'll have to take it to my guitar tech and see what he suggests. Didn't really want to do that, it's a pain having to travel a few hours on the bus just to get the guy to look at it. But that's life, huh!

Thanks though! All help much appreciated!