I would like to buy a new guitar but the problem is that i like to play many styles.

I play rock like foo fighters queens of stone age acdc black sabbath and wolfmother

metal: metallica megadeth (no metal with low tunings)

i also play alternative rock like the killers bloc party oasis

i also like to shred like joe satriani

the problem is that i'm looking for a guitar brand that has versatile guitars that can play all these different genres. my budget is between 500 - 1500 dollars
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I think a gibson like a les paul or sg would be your best choice, really.

Gibson SG specials are kinda underrated IMO, as well as epi les paul customs. I just got a Fender Jaguar HH a few months ago, its sweet too. Maybe not good for the shredding though. Gibson would be your best bet.
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Get an Ibanez Rg, or the Schecter C-1, a les paul would be nice aswell
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i have a fender amp but you can get a realy good rock and metal sound out of it.

but the problem is with an les paul that it doesn't have a floyd rose or a normal tremelo.
not that i use a tremelo that much but its just usefull from time to time
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