so i have an old p bass special copy, with a J-bass pup and a P-style split coil

it never sounded that grand, but the other day i played a squier p bass and it sounded great! that lovely P-bass punchy tone. i cant get close to that with mine, and its a decent bass, i dont think all that missing tone is in the wood.

so imma thinking the fifth one down

the £15 one, for the neck, its 10K, nice and hot. and the lace sensor for the bridge, but it is a neck pup, will this matter much?

open to suggestions too

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1)Yes neck/bridge does matter, as the pups are voiced accordingly.

2)I would be wary of £15 pups. I honestly doubt they will be much of an improvement. If they are, you should have just saved the money for a new bass. It will be a much bigger improvement.
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you find me a bass with a single coil and a split coil, with a P-bass neck and generally quite good quality for less than £60 with hardcase, gigbag and strings plz?

it was a bargain, and i like it.

suggestions then?

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I have a pair of pickups from my fender I can sell you.

The P is a stock one found on MIM fenders and the J is a 'vintage noiseless' pickup. I'll do you both for £35 shipped?

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