Technically electric guitars can be made to sound like plugged-in acoustic guitars... but there are times where I just want the real deal with no wires.


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you couldn't part me from either one.

I love the natural timbre I get when playing/composing on my acoustic. however when you write a song on an electric it comes out a lot different/harder.

apples and oranges.
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I don't think that's a fair comparison. They make totally different sounds. Electric being distorted while acoustic being clean. I think an acoustic tends to fit a bonfire scene better than an electric. But an electric tends to fit a house party better than an acoustic.

So they each have their strong points.
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Electric - More variety in sounds.

No I shouldn't, this is a silly thread.

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i think choosing between and electric and acoustic is CRAZY!!! Its like both guitars are two whole different instruments.
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That's like comparing which color is better, black or white?
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