I been playing guitar for about two years... I play all kinds of music, and both acoustic and electric; however, I want to play something that is chalenging and fun to do... If you guys could hit me up with some advice... and I really dislike songs with a lot of power chords... lol.. hence the challenging part... lol.. thx in advance!
learn classical guitar. or tune your guitar to an alternative tuning ( i'm experimenting with DADGAD at the moment) and play around with chords, try to find the basic chords on DADGAD; a teacher will be able to help you there.

or take a song where there is room for improvisation, or a song in which the guitarist just improvises, e.g. since i've been loving you by led zeppelin. then learn the main bits of the song and improvise the rest. i've got a lot of enjoyment by doing just that.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

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^^ hahaha i ****ed around with the DADGAD when i was into andy mckee and trace bundy

you should some of their stuff, easy stuff, but fun to play