i need to know everything about a PA system. ha. well at least the basics. i'm a begginer so i dont know alot at all. why do musicians have mics up to their amps at shows? and wha do you run keyboards thorugh?

thanks alot
There's a lot to know and the information on PA system assembly and operation is really beyond the scope of a single thread. There are several good websites you can find via Google that can explain everything from the basics to very complicated setups.
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An instrument or amplifier will often not have either the power or projection range to sound good on stage. When you run everything through a PA you can mix all the instruments together, adjust levels and EQ, and then provide a much higher amount of power with a broader projection range.
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Yeah I was on a hockey thread and a guy there was talking about getting a MG amp...

I talked him out of it but some guys there were saying get an amp with a line out so you can run it through a PA... is that the best way? wouldnt you want your speakers sound?
you can also use a direct injection box instead of a mic. it's a bit less trouble but your tone will suffer a bit.
The benefit to using a microphone is that you will get the sound from everything all the way to the speakers. If you use an amp with a line out, you won't be getting tone coloration from the power amp. If you use a DI box, you won't be getting tone coloration from the cab and speakers. However if you use a microphone, you will be getting tone coloration from the mic. It's a give and take either way, and you need to experiment to find out what works best for you, this may include a DI box AND a microphone. Personally I just use an SM57 and it works great.
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and whats a good PA system. yea i know theres tons but whats good for someone whos trying to not spend a whole lot.
Dude seriously do some googling, you're asking amazingly broad questions and it just seems like you're too lazy to research it yourself.

PA systems come in 1000000000000s of varietys, from 10watts to 9823674912837912374watts like what they use at massive festivals.

It depends on budget, what you need it for, how good you want it to sound.. You can't just say "I want a good PA system for cheap money" and expect precise answers..
Call the people trying to help you idiots and you won't get much help.

And by the way he was right, if you ask broad questions don't expect precise answers.
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Thread closed because you don't deserve one. Do your own research now. If you try and recreate this thread I will ban you.
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