First off I've got an HSH Ibanez RG1570 and I want to replace my pickups with a pair of Dimarzio Breeds with a Blue Velvet in the middle.

Now my only reservation is that the Blue Velvet has a much much lower output rating than the Breeds do. Will there be a huge difference in volume, and is there anyway to compensate for that? Can I just have the Blue Velvet mounted closer to the strings than the Breeds? I don't care if there's a bit of volume difference, but I really would like it to be as close as possible, especially on the 2nd and 4th switch positions.

Also, I was looking at my strat the other day and I noticed the magnets are staggered at different heights. Is each magnet in a pickup generally tuned for the specific string it's under? The reason I ask is that I'm a left handed player, so if this was the case then I'd basically be installing all my pickups upsidedown.
If this Blue velvet pickup is not active, as I believe the breeds are, it takes a lot more wiring to get them all working together, if it can be done at all.

Also, some pickups can have adjustable pole pieces...though I confess I've only seen it on Single Coil pickups, I would imagine it can be done on Humbuckers also.
Breeds are passive, the Blue Velvet is what you get on the J-Customs with the Air Norton and Tone Zone, those two aren't significantly hotter than the Breeds but you could always email Dimarzio for a bit of advice
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