Shot Muzical Kompozition...without lyrics and something more!!!
Wheel 4 Life.zip
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


Accordion Muse S 384-K
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


Accordion Muse S 384-K
aww sorry man i dont have gp5 so i cant give a crit but i'd be happy to crit if you would export a midi so i can view it thnx.
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wow lol is that wind blowing? cause that sounds pretty sweet with that intro lol. then the lead comes in very nice. then the synth takes you up high so it sounds awesome. I think its good since you got some nice chords. But i rate on how unique it is but its nice to see a song that you can add lyrics pretty easy and lengthen it. 7/10 cause songs like these wont blow you away unless words are used. Thnx gj keep it up
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that was really great and well written

only thing is i changed acoustic guitar to acoustic piano and i was feeling it a lot more

but deffinaletly a 10/10 mabey double up the acoustic tracks [both guitar and piano]
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I agree about the Seashore sound - it creates a great atmosphere throughout the song, particularly when it kicks in after the acoustic intro, that was special.
The song itself is really moving, and I enjoyed the building up of layers, that's something I try to achieve in a lot of stuff I write, and you've done it really well.
The little interlude was well-placed too, and made the outro feel more powerful. The little bass runs in the outro were simple but they were really cool to hear coming through the mix.
One thing I'll say is that I always prefer the drums to be on MIDI, not RSE, because then you can actually hear what's going on - the outro drums are really good, but they're hidden when the drums are on RSE.
The fade out was a good idea, and worked with this style of song, but it finished way too early --- Make more song!

It's a 9/10 from me, which would almost definitely be higher if the song was a little longer .
Very well done.
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The volume increase at 9 was a bit much. Everything just sort of came in and was like a wall of sound.
The transition at 33 could be better, and at 41.
I love the drumbeat at 49.

This was a good ambient song. Good job.

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