Okay, by trade I am an electric player. However, my friend from Sweden is starting guitar, and wants a good, cheap, acoustic guitar to start on. I don't know his price range yet, but it would be appreciated if you UG'ers could advise me, since I have no real experience with acoustics. Much thanks.
I bought my daughter a Jasmine S35 by Takamine for $90 US. Very playable, good sound and worth the money!
I'm a begginer and I have a Yamaha F370. It is not expensive, and is extremely playable, I love it. I think it's a suitable guitar for a begginer, you should check it out.
Yamaha's are a good choice for beginners. I dont like yamaha in general, but that doesnt mean that they aren't good value for the beginner.
im wondering this too, my budget is about £50 can someone help me, thanks.