I can't really tell too much of a difference. This is my first guitar, I hope I'm making a good choice as I have heard good things about Mex strats. I'm just wondering what the actual difference is between these two Mex strats, and if so, which would be best?

There isn't a difference, other than fingerboards. I think they threw the word "upgrade" in there just for kicks.

The MIM Strats are great, provided you get a good one. That's why I would go to a store and play all the ones you can find until you find ther one that's right for you, as opposed to buying it online.
Hi and thanks! Well due to financial benefits, I'll be buying online. However, what are the difference between the fingerboards? I mean are there actually any benefits or is it just the look? I also noticed below the description, one of the strats has been available since 2006, the other since 2000; so is it possible there is some difference within the parts throughout the interior/exterior? I know new doesn't always mean better in a guitar, hence why I'm asking.

Thanks a lot
The second one has a medium height fret size on a maple fingerboard and the first has vintage style frets on a rosewood fingerboard. I'd go with the maple, but it's a matter of personal taste.
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try one in a shop then purchase on the net
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Alright, I think I'll go for the maple fingerboard then.