The intro riff sounded pretty cool.

It kind of fell apart when the drums came in around 1:15. I don't know if that was the drummer's fault or if the entire band just messed up. I didn't listen to much after that. Again, the intro was pretty good, you guys just need to tighten up the timing.
Yeah man, it's just me though, I had to record everything seperate which wasn't easy for me, but I understand completely, maybe listen to the whole thing though
Okay so I decided I would just listen to the whole thing.

Your guitar and bass work is good. The intro riff is still the best part IMO, but you've got some cool stuff going on throughout. 3:00 is pretty cool with the sped up guitar riff/bass playing intro. The whole song kind of reminds me off a less hard version of Rage Against the Machine. Add some lyrics/vocals and you might have a good song.

The drums get better as the song goes on. You don't suck at drums, you're timing is just inconsistent. Keep playing and eventually you'll work this out. Are there drums at the beginning? Or is that just hihat? I can't really tell. But the drums there are consistent and sound fine. It only really starts to get off around 1:15 when you start playing on the crash. Keep practicing, you'll get better.

So overall nice job. Practice the drums some more. And maybe add some vocals and turn this into a "real" song.

Good luck with your music.
There is drums at the beginning, I just recorded the drums with a ****ty mic so you probabaly couldn't hear it. But thanks for the constructive criticism. i will keep playing drums and practicing
Awesome, sounds kinda like something my guitarist would play. I like the bass part right before the solo. Bass + drums = Heaven. And yeah, keep working on your drums.
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did you use a metronome? the tempo speeds up and slows down randomly say 10tics every so often.