Guitar: Ibanez S540
Amp: Mesa Mark IV
Genres: METALLL LULZ (Really though. Lots of metal)

I need to replace the neck and middle position single coils. They seem really weak compared to the L500XL I have in the bridge.

I was thinking maybe hot rails, but wanted to know if there is anything else that may be better? I'm open to just about anything that'll sound good.
DiMarzio Chopper or Fast Track. I had a Chopper between two PRS pickups and it's a nice combo.
Hi, I'm Peter
The Holistic Detective is right.

And at long last, a pickup thread where the TS actually has a good tube amp and a good reason for wanting to change pups
Well, there's the Fast Track 1 and Fast Track 2, but the "bridge only" designation is only useful when balancing it against other similar pickups. A "bridge" pickup won't burst into flames or malfunction because you installed it elsewhere. Actually, installing two "bridge" pickups along side a full-size humbucker would probably get you the best volume balance.
Hi, I'm Peter
@Dirk - Since I'm replacing two single coils I could get both

@Webbtje - I got the L500XL when all I had was a Microcube. Lulz.

The Chopper and FT2 look like good choices. Might get both >__>

Um, I also just saw a good deal on an RR3 with everything but the pickups. What would some good pickups to throw in there be :$? Assume the same as first post, but different guitar.

/hijacking my own topic
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