Cheers for the reply mixing and recording is being improved now we have a decent set up with a recording studio. hopefully album will be released in the coming months with new songs
Wow... I really loved it. You guys sound very Oasisey. Contrary to scottss7, I liked the song right from the start. Good job man, and I'm impressed with the production quality... pretty professional. I'd love to hear more when you get stuff recorded.
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Cheers Darkstar we do have a little cheeky look at the britpop scene along with the mod scene of The Who and The Kinks.
Gonna put a few more up today se keep checking
that was really good man, it just all sounded so great. yeah i agree with darkstar2466 with it sounding kinda like oasis (but im not saying that in a bad way) well done and ill be looking out for more of your stuff.
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