Alright I just changed the string on my c1-fr hellraiser. now I have major buzz, because the flloyd is sitting to low. When i take the panel off the back how do i know which spring i need to tighten. to raise the flloyd a little? thats my question.
I don't know, there are a couple options. First of all make sure the bridge is level, if it tilts towards the headstock then tighten the springs, if towars the back then loosen them. If thats not it, there are two screws on the TOP of the guitar at either side of the trem, you need to raise those screws to raise the bridge. they're usually allen wrench heads.
Did you change string guages? Did you tune it yet?

Make sure you tune it to pitch first, then recheck the bridge. If it's still sinking into the body, then you'll need to either loosen the screws that hold the springs.
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stop tuning to drop A?

u should adjust the tension on the springs under the guitar... i think.
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