I heard of this you plug the guitar into the return i think the guy said of the effects loop

what does this do?

i heard it means you miss the preamp or something?

on a loud tube amp eg jcm800, plexi etc do you still have to turn it to deafing volmes to get the power amp overdrive?

is there a diffrent sound rather than plugging into the input

thanks guys :P
i do it all the time, but at full guitar volume, it's still clean as butt.

i might try putting a booster after my guitar though and see if my signal is strong enough to OD the power tubes
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it bypasses the pre-amp. that means you don't have an EQ, and also not much volume at all. it's quite dynamic though and responds very well to the guitar volume.
you don't get the preamp tube overdrive, so less signal is coming in, so it would actually be harder to get full powertube overdrive....

The difference it makes is bypassing the preamp, thus giving a "pure" tone of your guitar and the power amp I guess. Sounds like a dumb thing to do to me if you already have a nice preamp. If you have an external preamp that you prefered routed to the effects return that would make sense. Otherwise it really only limits your tone.
it doesn't. If you plug your guitar into the FX loop it bypasses all the EQ and preamp. You won't get any distortion or EQ control and your guitar will sound like crap. I run my POD X3 into my fx loop with my guitar plugged into the POD, but that's a different story.
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