Which practice schedule do you think is a lot better and more worthwhile...?

1 Hour: Improvising
1 Hour: Learning/playing songs


20 mins: chromatic exercises
20 mins: learning sweeps
20 mins: legato
30 mins: improvising
30 mins: learning/playing songs
Only 2 hours?! You should be ashamed!! Well when I'm practicing, I just improvise, and try improve melodies, harmonies, and stuff like that in my own songs.
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the second option. Variety makes it easier to practice effectivly in imo.
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the second one if you are beggining
and the first one if you are an advance player
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10 hours : enjoy it.

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play what you want to. the techniques you will learn from playing the music you like will enable you to come up with ideas of your own that sound good. if you dont like sweeping, for example, stuff it and play some blues.

make your own practice "schedule" out of the things you like, not out of the things you think you should be practicing.

improvising is great for stumbling on nice ideas. songwriting would improve your arranging and chord skills, i guess.
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I'm an intermediate player.

What I might do is scrap the legato one because I can just get better at it by learning solos.

Keep the sweeping because I'm a beginner at it.

And keep the chromatics because I think my alternate picking is not at its potential.

Secondly, I only have 2 hours a day in the week and 4 hours a day on weekends so I'd just double the schedule.
Depends on your level: beginner, intermediate, or Advanced. Honestly, when I practice, I usually do scales, cover songs, and then work on some of my own material.
Lol, learn 1 hour a day for 3 months & you'll be strumming like a Star though not like a Star
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