sorry if this such a stupid question, but i know bugger all guitar theory even though i've been playing for a good few years

i'm tired of being a human c.d player and jsut playing other peoples songs, so yer been looking around and can't really find much on what chords of in which key on here

so if anyone could link me to some tutorials or something like that, it would be much appreciated

sorry if this is in the worng forum btw
besides reading that one, there's another very good way to learn them, and to gathr a lot more knowledge of the instrument, moving up in diatonic shifts and name the chords along the way

start with a chord in your mode, like a simple Cmajor7, and move all notes of that chord up 1 step diatonically, every note moving according t your mode, and identify the notes of the new chord, and name it.. you can start learning them in plain major, minor and dominant chords, and then learn the modes involved

it's the most basic of theory, and i don't know how much you know about the world of sound, but this way you practise your diatonic shifts, along all (non-extension) arpeggio's along, so it becomes almost to easy to play the most wicked of licks..

if you're not folowing me, you pick a note pattern, for example (8va) 1 3 7, so in e major E G# D# and now move it up diatonically, you've already learned the notes you'll now get, as well as the fingering, andnow you can move it around diatonically in paterns, it's a great thing when no lick comes to mind in a solo or an empty spot, and pretty easy.. on top of that you can use the shifts in your accompanying (especially jazz or blues) and it'll spice i up big time.. now use the shifts from a substitution chord (that's why starting from a dominant chord is very useful to learn well), and you'll sound like you've got 10 more years of experience

whoa i went waaay offtopic there
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